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Please note: our car park has limited availability and it is on first come first serve basis. Upon your arrival, please come to the reception to sign up a disclaimer form and obtain a key fob in order to enable you the access to the car park. (Sports car, modified car and any low ground clearance cars are not support by the automated car park system).

How to park your vehicle in the Cube Car Park

 1.       Drive to the entry barrier of the car park and swipe the Fob at the reader 

•         Look at the screen above as it will display which Box number to drive into 1, 2, 3 or 4 

•         Your allocated Fob number will also be displayed at the Box in which you need to drive into


2.       Driving into the box

•         Drive into the box keeping your wheels aligned straight, keep the middle-raised section in between both wheels 

•         Look at the screen inside the box which will ask you to drive forward

•         When Parking Position OK is displayed stop vehicle, turn off engine and place hand brake on

•         Exit your car taking all belongings needed and close all windows and lock the vehicle


3.       Outside the box 

•         Each box has its own reader that will prompt you 5 questions

•         Read and confirm by pressing the button each time.

•         Then swipe your allocated fob on the reader

•         If all is done correctly the shutter will begin to close and the automated system will take your vehicle away to be parked


There is a dedicated retrieval lounge where you call for your vehicle when you are ready to check out 


•         Make your way to the retrieval lounge situated on level 6, use white access card to enter 

•         Swipe your Fob at the retrieval lounge reader

•         On the monitors keep a look out for your Fob number as parking out

•         Your fob number will be displayed, a green box will appear next to it when the car is ready to drive out

•         Drive out safely and return the fob to hotel reception


Click here to visit the Cube car park website.


The Mailbox

This is the nearest Car Park to our hotel.

Satnav Postcode: B1 1RD

15% discount to Hotel Indigo guests.

Click here to visit the Mailbox parking website.



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